Astrology & Numerology Readings

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Astrology & Numerology Readings

Astrology & Numerology Readings

Regular price €98,00
Sale price €98,00 Regular price
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NOTE: Only 11 Spots every 1-2 Weeks! It can take up to 14 days to receive your Reading. With the purchase you automatically consent to the Terms of Conditions, Refund Policys and the shipment time of this product.

 **IMPORTANT/MUST DO: After purchasing-> Follow the blocksurvey Link in the Confirmation Email in order for you to fill in all the details we need to create the reading.

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Readings Price List: -> Default Price is only for Astrology Report 80 £

Astrology Report 80 £
TimeLine Report (1 Year) 80 £
Relationship Report 80 £
Complete Bundle 305 £
No Forecast Bundle 260 £
Choose 5 Bundle 206 £
Choose 3 Bundle 170 £
Life Path Report 125 £
Life Chakras Report 125 £
Life Strategy Report 125 £
Life Landscape Report 125 £
Planets Forecasts Report (3 Months) 170 £
Matrix Numerology Reading 125 £

Welcome to Revivals & Divines Readings, where personalized insights await you in the cosmos! Our Zodiac/Astrology Reading takes you on an illuminating journey through the celestial map that is your birth chart. Delve into the intricacies of your cosmic blueprint as we decode the mysteries of your astrological influences.

Unlock the secrets of time with our Time Line Report, guiding you through significant moments and cosmic alignments that have shaped your unique journey. Discover your Star Type and embrace the beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read reports that unfold, all centered around you and your cosmic essence.

Explore the depths of your being with our Life Path Report, uncovering the nuances of your strengths and weaknesses through the lens of your Life Chakras. Gain valuable insights into your pro's and con's, weaving a narrative that empowers you to navigate life's twists and turns.

Craft a winning Life Strategy tailored to your astrological profile, and let the cosmic forces guide your decisions. Your Planet Forecast provides a roadmap for the celestial influences influencing your path, while the Life Landscape Report paints a vivid picture of the energies shaping your experiences.

Navigate relationships with confidence using our Compatibility Report, a cosmic guide to understanding the dynamics between you and others. Dive into the world of Numerology and uncover the numerical patterns that add an extra layer of meaning to your journey. A Numerology Reading never seen before on social media!

At Revival & Divines Readings, we believe that the universe has a message just for you. Let us be your cosmic companion on this transformative journey, offering personalized insights and a roadmap to your celestial self. Your cosmic adventure begins here!

This divine report will walk you through what is most important about your astrology & numerology, step-by-step, just as if we would sat down together for a reading.

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