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Wisdom Academy

Wisdom Academy

Regular price €179,99
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NOTE: This Course is only available in english language!

Discover the keys to transformation and manifestation in the ultimate journey towards self-mastery! Unlock the treasure trove of wisdom within the Book of Wisdom PDF and embark on an extraordinary path of personal evolution. Elevate your manifestation skills with the transformative Manifestation Mastery Course, where every lesson is a stepping stone towards achieving your deepest desires.

But that's just the beginning!

Immerse yourself in the divine with the Unfolding God Man Course, a transformative experience that transcends boundaries, guiding you to unleash your inner potential. And that's not all - gain invaluable insights into holistic living with the Human Health Guide PDF, a blueprint for nurturing your body and mind.

Explore a wealth of esoteric and occult teachings curated by the esteemed Revival of Wisdom. Dive deep into symbolic knowledge, unlocking the secrets of the universe. Each week, new lectures and materials are unveiled, offering an endless opportunity for profound study and exploration.

Seize this chance to empower yourself and unlock boundless potential! Embrace wisdom, manifest your desires, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Elevate your existence—join us today and begin your transformational odyssey!


Step 1: Receipt and PDFs via Email

  • Shortly after your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt. Additionally, all course materials in PDF format will be sent to your email.

Step 2: Accessing the Course

  • To access the course content and videos, please follow these steps:
    • Desktop:
      • Select “Members Area” on the header
      • You’ll be redirected to the login page. Use the credentials you created during purchase to log in.
      • Once logged in, you’ll find access to all the courses, including video content, within the Members Area.
    • Mobile:
      • Tap the three lines icon (☰) located at the top of the page.
      • Navigate and select “Members Area” from the dropdown menu.
      • Log in using your provided credentials.
      • Inside the Members Area, you’ll find all the course materials, including videos, readily available for viewing.


Wisdom Academy Overview:

This includes the Book of WisdomManifestation Mastery, Unfolding Godman Course, Occult Lectures & the Human Health Guide PDF!

1. Occult Lectures

  • Humans are God made flesh (we are an image of the stars) 📹
  • What is Freemasonry?📹
  • Breaking down the all seeing eye (eye of providence)📹
  • Breaking down the masonic cosmology & the Bible📹
  • Breaking down the masonic M symbol📹
  • Different planes of consciousness (you create deamons)📹
  • The functioning of the two hemisphears of the brain📹
  • Ocult breakdown of the 911 skull and bones ritual📹
  • The torus field📹
  • Cosmology, symbolism & expopsing the heliocentric model📹
  • Simulation theory and the mind📹
  • Exposing the NWO, satanic rituals & pyramid scheme slave system📹
  • Selling soul, satan and the music industry📹
  • Occult symbolism in the music industry📹
  • Everything you need to know about the Mind📹
  • What are the chakaras?📹
  • Raising the christ (christ oil)📹
  • Strawman, brith certificates and slavery📹

    2. Book of Wisdom

    • Book of Wisdom - English
    • Book of Wisdom - German
    • Book of Wisdom - French
    • Book of Wisdom - Italian

    3. Human Health Guide

    • Human Health Guide PDF

    4. Manifestation Mastery

    • Universal law📹
    • Planes of consciousness📹
    • The conscious & subconscious mind📹
    • How to reprogram the subconscious mind📹
    • The human energy field📹
    • How to maintain a strong electromagnetic field📹
    • Inner and outer intentions📹
    • Frequency, law of attraction and vibration📹
    • Additional information about manifestation📹
    • Common mistakes while manifesting📹
    • Practice 1 - affirmations📹
    • Practice 2 - visualization mediatation📹
    • Practice 3 - casting spells📹
    • Practice 4 - sigil magic📹
    • How to prey effectively📹

      5. Unfolding Godman

      • Mental, Astral, Etheric & Physical Plane📹
      • How To Raise Your Frequency📹
      • Meditation Techniques📹
      • The Heart & Brain Connection📹
      • Chakaras & How To Balance Them📹
      • Raising The Chrism📹
      • About The Astral Plane📹
      • How To Astral Travel📹
      • How To Be Conscious In Other Realities (Dreams)📹
      • Easy Health Tips📹
      • Optimal Health Information📹

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